Lessons with Lisa #1

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share with you some things I’ve learned about home staging and getting maximum money for your home. Keep reading for my first home staging Lessons with Lisa! 

#1-Stage a Room for Its Intended Purpose

As home owners, we often use spaces to fit our current needs- like when we make our formal living room double as our kid’s playroom, or our dining room as our home office. While we all do this, showing the many purposes a room can be used for DOES NOT equal maximum dollars when selling your home! What I tell my sellers is to use and stage a room for its intended purpose while their house is on the market. Buyer’s more often than not have a hard time visualizing themselves living in a room set up differently than its rightful purpose- i.e. they can’t visualize an elegant dinner party in the dining room when the table is covered in your papers and laptop. Likewise, they also cannot visualize a sophisticated formal living room when it’s covered in your child’s favorite toys of the week.

Going further, if you are using a room for more than one purpose, such as an office/music room, or a laundry/craft room, my suggestion is to pick one. If a room’s purpose is not clear or has multiple purposes, the message sent to potential buyers is that there is not enough space in the house.

The point is, in order to get maximum dollars for your house, it is crucial that each room is staged appropriately and its purpose is CRYSTAL CLEAR.  Buyers want their home to make sense, be able to visualize living in it, and be able to picture where their own furniture will fit in it. Using this first home staging Lesson with Lisa will help buyers feel comfortable and relaxed, and want to stay! 

Thanks again for checking us out and let me know what you think! Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and Lessons with Lisa!

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